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Uncut and Unsigned

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PRESENTED BY: Tony, Matty & Jillybeanz

GENRE: Unsigned Artists


First broadcast on air some 30 years ago

To help talented muso’s and give them a go,

Tony started it all, with his musical hand

Launching solo careers and the well-rehearsed band.


Then along came Matty with his producer hat on

He minces no words when he hears something wrong,

If he loves what he hears, he’ll shout it out loud,

But if it’s “dog shit” he’ll say it, as swearing’s allowed.


Yes, we’re rated M, and unhinged now and then,

Especially when the third wheel joined, way back when.

A female perspective was needed on air

Jillybeanz intrudes now, she’s funny but fair.


The music we play is from across the globe,

But a soft spot for Aussies, needs no probe.

We’ve discovered some artists and lunched them but;

Our favourites are live unsigned and uncut.


Weekly intro music is Summer Pop by Coda and Outro is Tickety Boo by The Old School Tie.

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Join our weekly show at 1pm-3pm every Tuesday for great music and as much sarcasm as we can muster.

Uncut and Unsigned