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Tool Time

Applying tools to achieve lofty life goals!

PRESENTED BY: Chris D, Sharps & Dean



Intro “TIME” by Pink Floyd + Others
Welcome to “Tool Time” with Chris D.
The intro song says it all!

Life’s not about sitting around on your bum and letting the time just slip away. Its about doing something, getting on with it, getting the full possible experience that life can offer before it's too late, not missing the starting gun; well I recon so anyway.
So, this is a show about doing something, It’s a show about becoming a stronger, smarter, more successful person. It’s a show about self-betterment and self-fulfilment. It’s a show about becoming greater than we currently are.
Sounds boring? Well its not!
And just to prove it ill jamb a whole lot of cool tunes in between the chatter!
You will hear songs and tunes from 3MDRs and my own eclectic catalogue including, Progressive Rock, Punk Rock, Aussie Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Instrumental Rock, Funk, Soul and Pop across the decades 1960s-Now!
Sometimes we’ll just talk about stuff that’s just bloody interesting to talk about!
We will also talk to people and host guests who have various skills or tools at their disposal, people who really know their stuff! Perhaps we’ll get to learn about some new cool stuff from them on the way.
We will make new friends and partners and attempt to help those in our hills community that want more skills to connect with those that have them to share or trade.
Things that matter to us, things that matter to hills people locally.
We will crack a joke, share a gag, have a laugh, we may even be a bit serious too; but overall we plan to have a lot of fun and in the process help fellow hills folk connect to cool stuff all whilst hearing a mountain of cool tunes.

We have regular segments each week.
Album of the Week
Chris.D's 7 O'Clock Rant or Rave
Word of the week
7:30 Shower Songs
80's Zone @ 8
Sharps' Dad's Joke or 2
A Ben Kelly Tune

So welcome to my show and remember not to “fritter and waste your time in an offhand way”.

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Tool Time