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The Late Night Shenanigans

Comedic look at weekly current affairs and culture.

PRESENTED BY: Dazmo and Kat

GENRE: AO Comedy


A Late night adults only comedy show hosted by Award winning Melbourne comedian and veteran radio presenter Dazmoangel, (he doesnt do much stand up these days) but he is joined by the amazing co host only known as Katdevil, she is a long time radio presenter and has a history of being very naughty and saying the wrong thing about the right thing and then not remembering anything she just said.
Minimum music and a maximum of crap with talking shit, Dazmo and Kat fly through many segments from: Top 5 talking points, Myth or Legend, Urban Cockionary, Sticks and Stones, Get rid of Stupid Shit, Do not Google, Why Is Mother Nature so Pisssed off?, Whats Gone Viral?, Music Mash-up Songs, What Have I Just Learnt At This age, Sliding Door Moments and then they upset you even more by giving their stupid personal opinions on local and national news stories.
The Late Night Shenanigans gives you a weekly challenge of trying not to smash your head against a wall and throwing your radio in the trash.
The best fun you can have on a Monday Night without touching yourself.
(Listeners are warned that all episodes will contain course language and sexual references)

The Late Night Shenanigans