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The Imaginary Friends Show

A music mix and ramblings to get Tuesday underway

PRESENTED BY: Peej and Elliot

GENRE: Indie, Rock, Folk, Alt Country


Broadcasting from the historic Forest Park Homestead studio in the township of Upwey, an hour east of Melbourne Victoria, Peej, Elliot and maybe even Elaine hope you enjoy some nonsensical ramblings interspersed with great tunes to tap the toes to. We love independent Australian music and spin tunes from local artists over the 3 hours...Sometimes we are lucky enough to have a live performance on the show....quite rare given that 6am is not the friendliest of times for musos...but you never know....
Elliot will be in to do the weather so you know what to wear....but remember if you're listening to an earlier episode, please do not base your wardrobe decisions on this idiot's interpretation of the Australian Government's Bureau of Meteorology website....and maybe even Elaine will do a half arsed surf report when she remembers....
Occasionally there may be a little dead air....our silent panel operator who we shall not name is responsible for all dead air....he considers dead air helps you absorb a musical bracket before we open our mouths and ramble on....
Join us live on community radio 3MDR 97.1fm every Tuesday morning from 6am or enjoy previous episodes via this show page....
We love a bit of involvement from the community whether they be listening live on 97.1fm or via the wonders of modern technologies available to access this thing they call the information super highway......what will they think of next!?

Request a tune, express your delight, or disappointment, in Elliot's weather report......or just have a random chat with an imaginary super easy...... you can contact Peej or Elliot or maybe even Elaine through cyberspace at

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WARNING (for the too easily offended): some content on The Imaginary Friends Show may be offensive to some listeners. We also accept that any stupid comments are more than likely quite possibly probably ill informed at best.......Some tracks contain strong coarse language and adult themes. Remember you always have the power to switch off.....not that we want you know how it is.....anyhoo...thought we'd better put that out there.....

The Imaginary Friends Show