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The 80/20 Rule

Australian alternative indie music


GENRE: Aussie Indie, Rock, 90s


The 80/20 Rule is a show dedicated to the promotion of Australian alternative music (the 80%) as well as a bit from overseas (20%).Our aim is to support and prosper up and coming Australian artists as well as promote more established artists who maybe don’t need so much help but just write great music. The show is interactive, we have callers ring in who make requests and provide comment.

We have an interview most weeks, some famous names to be interviewed by The80/20 rule are Adalita (Magic Dirt), Dom Mariani (The Stems) and Julia Zemiro (Rock Wiz).But the interviews with “not so well knowns” are a highlight too, we have met some great characters with some tremendous stories. It is a pleasure hearing their stories and we like to throw a bit of humor into the equation too, nothing too serious. We also have a regular monthly contribution from legendary rock journalist Jeff Jenkins .What he doesn’t know about music isn’t worth knowing. The 80/20 Rule is passionate about Australian music and especially the shoddy treatment it gets in some quarters .It simply deserves a lot better and hopefully I’m doing my little bit to right those wrongs.

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The 80/20 Rule