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Slingsby's Miscellany

A collection of miscellaneous music and words.

PRESENTED BY: Slingsby Browning

GENRE: Classical, Poetry


Slingsby’s Miscellany is a collection of miscellaneous music and words; mostly classical music and romantic poetry, but with a sprinkling of jazz, country, and bush poetry along with anything else found on the CD shelves. The first half is usually devoted to four or five shorter pieces, whilst the second half is given over to playing a complete performance of a more substantial piece, such as a whole sonata, concerto, or symphony.
Slingsby also has a blog site, which includes travel blogs (when travel is permitted!), and the occasional rant at something annoying; there is also an intention to include a few more pieces on Charles Dickens and other 19th century (and earlier) writers.

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Slingsby's Miscellany