Live Stream


Ramzy & guests appreciate gr8 under-represented music & chat

PRESENTED BY: Russ T & Guests

GENRE: Indie, Blues Rock, Post-punk, Garage, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, and Electronica


Here on RAMJAM we're all about bringing you the best of what we can find in the music universe, taking you on a cosmic journey of exploration and discovery, away from the usual orbits and constellations of mainstream commercial music, through time and space, to expand horizons and find the bright shining stars of the Galaxy.
There's just soooo much great music out there....
We might take you to any constellation in any timezone, but usually you’ll find us orbiting around Indie, Blues Rock, Post-punk, Garage, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, and Electronica. We can take you to the strangest, far away places, but get you back right here in Melbourne on time for dinner.
Typical programming includes:
New releases
A feature album
Interviews and insightful discussions with special guests
Cool music - something indie, something old, something interesting
Usually end up with a bracket of something funky/electronic/boppy
Every Saturday from 2-4pm.

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