Live Stream

Little Wing

PRESENTED BY: Graham 'Bealy' Beal

GENRE: Contemporary, Jazz & Blues


In this programme I include a wide variety of music from Contemporary to Jazz & Blues.

For over 50 years I have been a keen Environmentalist, Birdwatcher and Ornithologist and enjoy many genres of music.

Each week I like to include at least 1 interview with Musicians or a representative from a group or an individual with an environmental background.

In the interview we talk about their work, promote upcoming events etc. I also mention any interesting bird sightings or environmental news or

any local news or events.

I have had 20 + years’ experience on 3 MDR station with my own shows and co-hosted and filled in on 6 different shows for fellow presenters.

Please join me on Wednesdays between 5-7 pm

Thank you

Graham “Bealy” Beal

Little Wing