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Lips That Bite

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GENRE: Punk, Soul, RnB, Indie


From punk screamers to sweet soul singers, Lips that Bite celebrates passionate music.
You know when a song hits you in your guts? I love that.
Tune in for feminist punk anthems, gritty garage rock, jagged post-punk, moody indie rock, pop-punk power ballads, bratty synth-punk, piercing hip-hop, dance floor anthems, heart-breaking soul, and fierce funk tunes. Wednesdays 7-9pm on 3MDR is a space that emphasises amazing women, femme, non-binary, and gender non-conforming artists in music, with a focus on the Melbourne rock/punk/DIY scene.
Lips that Bite celebrates music as a form of release, resistance, self-expression, and for creating space for under-represented voices. Join Michelle for two hours of songs with teeth - tunes that get under your skin, and that make you move, scream, yell, cry, dance, change the world.

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Artwork by Kalindy Williams @ Orbit Arcade

Lips That Bite