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Golden Age of Rock n Roll

Music from the Fabulous Fifties and Swinging Sixties


GENRE: Rock N Roll


The music of the fifties and sixties is regarded as having the biggest social and political influence of any generation and its impact has inspired many artists and bands over the ensuing years.
That era was the golden age of Rock & Roll when the Top 40 Charts represented a wide range of musical styles such as Rock & Roll, Pop, Rock, R & B, Rockabilly, Soul, Country, Cajun, Jazz, Blues, Garage, Punk, Psychedelic, Folk, Ballads, Calypso, Skiffle, Instrumental, Novelty and Parody.
So tune in and relive your musical memories from the Fantastic Fifties and the Swinging Sixties safe in the knowledge that Rock & Roll is here to stay. Requests are welcome and if you would like to chat about any aspects of the show please give me a call.

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Golden Age of Rock n Roll