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Local news and culture, community events and documentaries

PRESENTED BY: Michelle Perera

GENRE: Easy Listening


Community is a space where the arts and social issues merge. It celebrates writers, actors, producers, directors, singers, dancers and performers, both big and small, by offering a platform through which their work can be acknowledged and shouted about from the mountaintops. It also does not shy from tackling those difficult conversations about social issues that are generally avoided at dinner parties.
The show features an eclectic array of music as per the host's mood on the day, as well as interviews and discussions.
If you are a community member or group, we would love to hear from you, to help promote your events and projects!
If you are involved in any aspect of the arts and would like your work exposed to a wider audience or if you are involved in social causes that need to be highlighted, or if you just have something to say, let us know at, include in the subject 'Attention: Community'.

Community would like to thank their Community Group Subscribers:
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Nobelius Heritage Park & Emerald Museum
Rotary Club Of Emerald & District
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